Ace GSG Gate Gas Spring - Adjusting Tool



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Ace Gate Gas Spring - Adjusting Tool

Compatible with both GSG1-19, GSG -22 and GS-28 Gate Gas Springs 

simple, safe and reliable

De-gassing for controlled force reduction on valve gas springs.

The reduction is made by screwing the DE-Gas on the male screwed end of the gas spring. The drain process is possible through light actuation of the push button. If too much nitrogen is discharged, the gas spring can be refilled by ACE.


  1. Hold gas spring valve up
  2. Insert DE-GAS adjuster knob on thread of the valve.
  3. Press the DE-GAS adjuster knob with light hand force until you can hear the nitrogen escaping.
  4. After adjusting, remove the DE-GAS adjuster knob, mount the end fittings and test the gas spring in your application. If necessary repeat the procedure. 

If you use 2 gas springs parallel, both gas springs should have the same force to avoid bending forces or side load on the application. If necessary return to ACE to refill both gas springs to the same average force. 

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