Brand Hydraulics Electronic Control Box for EFC valves

SKU: EC-12-01


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Brand Hydraulics Electronic Control Box for EFC Valves



The Brand, electronic control box is designed to proportionally adjust the Brand EFC-Series valves and other proportional valves that meet the appropriate specifications. The controller’s design makes it suitable for use outdoors or indoor environments. The box has weather proofing features to help it function in the elements.

The main control knob is used to linearly adjust the current going through the solenoid on the valve. A large knob and a single turn potentiometer with a large degree of rotation gives smooth and precise adjustments. The controller is Pulse Width Modulated (PWM), which helps reduce the effects of hysteresis.

100% of all controls are tested prior to leaving the factory. All tests are performed with up to date, state of the art test equipment that is calibrated to NIST standards by an independent laboratory on a yearly basis.


Proportionally control the speed and direction of hydraulic motors and cylinders. This low-cost unit can be configured in multiple ways to cover many applications. 


  • Rugged aluminium box construction.
  • Heavy-duty foot brackets for quick and secure mounting.
  • Colour keyed SAE automotive grade wire leads for easy wiring and identification.
  • Different potentiometers, power switches, LEDs and connector configurations.
  • Single Pulse width modulated (PWM) output.
  • Weatherproof seals on power switch, potentiometer, fuse holder, wire bushing and box lid.
  • Externally mounted fuse holder for quick and easy fuse change to protect against over current conditions.
  • Input protection from voltage transients, load dumps, 2-battery jumps and reverse polarity hook-ups.
  • Power switches are separate from main control knob for turning valve on and off without loss of flow setting.
  • Circuit board is coated with a conformal coating to protect against moisture.