Festo 12mm Bore ADN Compact Cylinder

SKU: 536204- ADN-12-5-A-P-A


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Festo 12mm ADN Double Acting Compact Cylinder ISO 21287



  • Festo ADN Compact Cylinders have sensor slots on three sides for flush mounting of proximity sensors. All ADN cylinders comply with ISO21287 Standard. 
  • The piston rod comes with a choice of either male or female thread, to aid your application. 
  • Festo ADN Compact Cylinders offer a centring hole in the end cap which matches the centring pins ZBS magnet for contactless position sensing. 
  • This type of cylinder offers integrated cushioning for ensuring absorption of residual energy. There is also an option for self-adjusting, pneumatic and end-position cushioning. If this is something you require then please contact us.
  • Extend force at 6 bar =  68N / Retract force at 6 bar =  51N

All of below are 12mm Bore, Standard Stroke Cylinders

Numerical Code Part Number  Stroke Length Thread
536204 ADN-12-5-A-P-A 5mm  Male 
536211 ADN-12-5-I-P-A 5mm Female 
536205 ADN-12-10-A-P-A 10mm Male
536212 ADN-12-10-I-P-A 10mm Female
536206 ADN-12-15-A-P-A 15mm Male
536213 ADN-12-15-I-P-A 15mm Female
536206 ADN-12-20-A-P-A 20mm Male
536214 ADN-12-20-I-P-A 20mm Female
536208 ADN-12-25-A-P-A 25mm Male
536215 ADN-12-25-I-P-A 25mm Female
536209 ADN-12-30-A-P-A 30mm Male
536216 ADN-12-30-I-P-A 30mm Female
536210 ADN-12-40-A-P-A 40mm Male
536217 ADN-12-40-I-P-A 40mm Female


Many other variations available (contact us for more information)
All non-standard stroke cylinders, are non-refundable, any questions please contact us.