Gates MCX25 Electrical-Driven Crimper

SKU: MCX25-220V


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Gates MCX25 Electrical-Driven Crimper  

Self-Assembly Machinery Brochure

The Gates MCX25 is a compact crimper for low-volume production. Ideal as a starter machine or for small workshops. Crimps no-skive GlobalSpiral™ couplings up to 1” and no-skive MegaCrimp® couplings for wire-braid hose up to 1.1/4”. Equipped with a die set storage rack allowing for logically organised die storage within easy reach of the operator, thus speeding up die selection and assembly. Also available for mobile service with DC power pack.


    • Comes with a unique, self-lubricating slide bearing system that cuts out metal-to-metal abrasion between master dies and the crimper head and cuts friction by 20%.
    • Field service crimping devices are portable and come with a detachable die storage case, solid and durable handles and resistant rubber protection layers.
    • Gates ergonomic design is highly valued both for its contribution to higher productivity figures and its fast approval by local Health and Safety Executives.
    • The Gates MCX crimper requires no grease! Brining you a safer and cleaner working environment. 
    **Please note: dies are not included and must be purchased separately. Please contact us if you would like to purchase dies.