Festo 12mm DSNU Round Cylinder

SKU: 19189 - DSNU-12-10-P-A


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Festo 12mm DSNU Round Cylinder ISO 6432


The Festo 12mm DSNU Round Cylinder is a reliable and durable choice for a variety of applications. It is designed with polyurethane nose seals and a longer nose bearing, allowing for higher side loadings, and a corrosion resistant stainless steel barrel and end caps. This cylinder has a design stroke life of over 10km.


All of the below are 12mm Bore, Standard Stroke Cylinders:

Numerical Code  Part Number  Stroke Length
19189 DSNU-12-10-P-A 10mm
1908255 DSNU-12-15-P-A 15mm
1908256 DSNU-12-20-P-A 20mm
19190 DSNU-12-25-P-A 25mm
1908257 DSNU-12-30-P-A 30mm
19191 DSNU-12-40-P-A 40mm
19192 DSNU-12-50-P-A 50mm
1908258 DSNU-12-60-P-A 60mm
19193 DSNU-12-80-P-A 80mm
19194 DSNU-12-100-P-A 100mm
19195 DSNU-12-125-P-A 125mm
19196 DSNU-12-160-P-A 160mm
19197 DSNU-12-200-P-A 200mm


If your required stroke length is not listed, please contact us. Please note: non-standard strokes are non-returnable.