Festo 16mm ADN Compact Cylinder

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Festo 16mm ADN Double Acting Compact Cylinder ISO21287

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Datasheet for ADN Cylinders


  • Sensor slots on three sides for flush mounting of proximity sensors (click here for more information)
  • Piston rod with choice of male or female thread
  • Mounting option: Female thread and through-hole
  • Centring hole in the end cap matches centring pins ZBS Magnet for contactless position sensing
  • Integrated cushioning for absorbing residual energy
  • Option of self-adjusting, pneumatic end-position cushioning PPS (Contact us for more information)

Extend force at 6 bar  =  121N

Retract force at 6 bar  =  90N



      All of below are 16mm Bore, Standard Stroke Cylinders


  • 5mm (Male thread) ADN-16-5-A-P-A    [536219]
  • 5mm (Female thread) ADN-16-5-I-P-A    [536226]
  • 10mm (Male thread) ADN-16-10-A-P-A    [536220]
  • 10mm (Female thread) ADN-16-10-I-P-A    [536227]
  • 15mm (Male thread) ADN-16-15-A-P-A    [536221]
  • 15mm (Female thread) ADN-16-15-I-P-A    [536228]
  • 20mm (Male thread) ADN-16-20-A-P-A    [536222]
  • 20mm (Female thread) ADN-16-20-I-P-A    [536229]
  • 25mm (Male thread) ADN-16-25-A-P-A    [536223]
  • 25mm (Female thread) ADN-16-25-I-P-A    [536230]
  • 30mm (Male thread) ADN-16-30-A-P-A    [536224]
  • 30mm (Female thread) ADN-16-30-I-P-A    [536231]
  • 40mm (Male thread) ADN-16-40-A-P-A    [536225]
  • 40mm (Female thread) ADN-16-40-I-P-A    [536232]
  • 50mm (Male thread) ADN-16-50-A-P-A     [536331]
  • 50mm (Female thread) ADN-16-50-I-P-A    [536341]