Festo 16mm DSNU Round Cylinder

SKU: 19198 - DSNU-16-10-P-A


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Festo 16mm DSNU Round Cylinder ISO 6432

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10mm - 200mm

Datasheet for DSNU Cylinders

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Technical Information:

  • Stainless steel piston rod
  • Good running performance and long service life
  • Piston rod with male and female (optional) thread
  • Extensive range of accessories makes it possible to install the cylinder virtually anywhere
  • Cylinder barrel made of stainless steel
  • Bearing and end caps made of wrought aluminium alloy
  • Space-saving
  • [P Cushion] The drive has elastic polymer end-position cushioning or [PPS Cushion] The drive has self-adjusting end-position cushioning or [PPV] The drive has adjustable end-position cushioning
  • Working pressure: 1 to 10 bar
  • Working temperature:  -20 to + 80 deg C

Extend force at 6 bar =  121N

Retract force at 6 bar =  104N


All of below are 16mm Bore, Standard Stroke Cylinders

Stroke Length  Cushioning Type Part Number  Numerical Code
10mm Polymer Cushion DSNU-16-10-P-A 19198
10mm Self Adjusting Cushion DSNU-16-10-PPS-A 1908274
10mm Adjustable Air Cushion DSNU-16-10-PPV-A 1908266
15mm Polymer Cushion DSNU-16-15-P-A 1908259
15mm Self Adjusting Cushion DSNU-16-15-PPS-A 1908275
15mm Adjustable Air Cushion DSNU-16-15-PPV-A 1908267
20mm Polymer Cushion DSNU-16-20-P-A 1908260
20mm Self Adjusting Cushion DSNU-16-20-PPS-A 1908276
20mm Adjustable Air Cushion DSNU-16-20-PPV-A 1908268
25mm Polymer Cushion DSNU-16-25-P-A 19199
25mm Self Adjusting Cushion DSNU-16-25-PPS-A 559263
25mm Adjustable Air Cushion DSNU-16-25-PPV-A 33973
30mm Polymer Cushion DSNU-16-30-P-A 1908261
30mm Self Adjusting Cushion DSNU-16-30-PPS-A 1908277
30mm Adjustable Air Cushion DSNU-16-30-PPV-A 1908269
40mm Polymer Cushion DSNU-16-40-P-A 19200
40mm Self Adjusting Cushion DSNU-16-40-PPS-A 559264
40mm Adjustable Air Cushion DSNU-16-40-PPV-A 19229
50mm Polymer Cushion DSNU-16-50-P-A 19201
50mm Self Adjusting Cushion DSNU-16-50-PPS-A 559265
50mm Adjustable Air Cushion DSNU-16-50-PPV-A 19230
60mm Polymer Cushion DSNU-16-60-P-A 1908263
60mm Self Adjusting Cushion DSNU-16-60-PPS-A 1908279
60mm Adjustable Air Cushion DSNU-16-60-PPV-A 1908271
70mm Polymer Cushion DSNU-16-70-P-A 1908264
70mm Self Adjusting Cushion DSNU-16-70-PPS-A 1908280
70mm Adjustable Air Cushion DSNU-16-70-PPV-A 1908272
80mm Polymer Cushion DSNU-16-80-P-A 19202
80mm Self Adjusting Cushion DSNU-16-80-PPS-A 559266
80mm Adjustable Air Cushion DSNU-16-80-PPV-A 19231
100mm Polymer Cushion DSNU-16-100-P-A 19203
100mm Self Adjusting Cushion DSNU-16-100-PPS-A 559267
100mm Adjustable Air Cushion DSNU-16-100-PPV-A 19232
125mm Polymer Cushion DSNU-16-125- P-A 19204
125mm Self Adjusting Cushion DSNU-16-125-PPS-A 559268
125mm Adjustable Air Cushion DSNU-16-125-PPV-A 19233
150mm Polymer Cushion DSNU-16-150-P-A 1908265
150mm Self Adjusting Cushion DSNU-16-150-PPS-A 1908281
150mm Adjustable Air Cushion DSNU-16-150-PPV-A 1908273
160mm Polymer Cushion DSNU-16-160-P-A 19205
160mm Self Adjusting Cushion DSNU-16-160-PPS-A 559269
160mm Adjustable Air Cushion DSNU-16-160-PPV-A 19234
200mm Polymer Cushion DSNU-16-200-P-A 19206
200mm Self Adjusting Cushion DSNU-16-200-PPS-A 559270
200mm Adjustable Air Cushion DSNU-16-200-PPV-A 19235