Festo 25mm DFM Guided Cylinder

SKU: 170847


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Festo 25mm DFM Guided Cylinder


Study, precise, maintenance-free with best-in-class performance and high rigidity. 

  • High power density - consider dropping a size.
  • Plain or recirculating ball bearing guides for higher load carrying capabilities.
  • Longer operating life for improved reliability with over 10 km design stroke life.
  • Large diameter guides offer resistance against torsion, torque and lateral forces.
  • Mounting infaces enable easy combination with other axis, rotary units or grippers. 
  • Two sensor slots for flush proximity switch/sensors mounting.


  • Diameter 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80 and 100 mm.
  • Stroke length 10 ... 400 mm.
  • Force 13 ... 4712 N.
  • 2 sensor slots.
  • Fixed/adjustable cushioning.
  • Plain-bearing guide.
  • Recirculating ball bearing guide.



     Part number: Festo Number: Stroke: Guide Type:
    DFM-25-20-P-A-GF 170847 20mm Plain Guide
    DFM-25-20-P-A-KF 170922 20mm Ball Bearing Guide
    DFM-25-25-P-A-GF 170848 25mm Plain Guide
    DFM-25-25-P-A-KF 170923 25mm Ball Bearing Guide
    DFM-25-30-P-A-GF  170849 30mm Plain Guide
    DFM-25-30-P-A-KF  170924 30mm Ball Bearing Guide
    DFM-25-40-P-A-GF 170850 40mm Plain Guide
    DFM-25-40-P-A-KF 170925 40mm Ball Bearing Guide
    DFM-25-50-P-A-GF 170851 50mm Plain Guide
    DFM-25-50-P-A-KF 170926 50mm Ball Bearing Guide
    DFM-25-80-P-A-GF 170852 80mm Plain Guide
    DFM-25-80-P-A-KF 170927 80mm Ball Bearing Guide
    DFM-25-100-P-A-GF 170853 100mm Plain Guide
    DFM-25-100-P-A-KF 170928 100mm Ball Bearing Guide

    If the part you require is not listed, please contact us.

    *Please note: non-standard cylinders/drives are non-refundable. Please review our refund policy for information.