Festo 40mm ADN-40 Compact Cylinder

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Festo 40mm ADN-40 Double Acting Compact Cylinder ISO 21287


The Festo ADN Cylinders have small installation dimensions but offer massive performance!


  • Robust performance and long service life.
  • Sensor slots on three sides for flush mounting of proximity switches/sensors.
  • Piston rod with choice of male or female thread.
  • Mounting options of female thread or through-hole; making the ADN incredibly easy to mount with a comprehensive range of mounting accessories available for just about every type of installation.
  • Centring hole in the end cap suitable for centring pins ZBS.
  • Magnet for contactless position sensing.
  • Integrated cushioning for absorbing residual energy.

All the below specifications are for the standard stroke 40mm bore cylinders. The Festo ADN cylinders can be configured for individual needs, if what you require is not listed, please contact us!

Numerical Code Part Number  Stroke Length Thread
536289 ADN-40-5-A-P-A 5mm Male
536299 ADN-40-5-I-P-A 5mm Female
536290 ADN-40-10-A-P-A 10mm Male
572673  ADN-40-10-A-PPS-A 10mm Male (air cushion)
536300 ADN-40-10-I-P-A 10mm Female
572664  ADN-40-10-I-PPS-A 10mm Female (air cushion)
536291 ADN-40-15-A-P-A   15mm Male
572674  ADN-40-15-A-PPS-A 15mm Male (air cushion)
536301 ADN-40-15-I-P-A 15mm Female
572665  ADN-40-15-I-PPS-A 15mm Female (air cushion)
536292 ADN-40-20-A-P-A 20mm Male
572675  ADN-40-20-A-PPS-A 20mm Male (air cushion)
536302 ADN-40-20-I-P-A  20mm Female
572666  ADN-40-20-I-PPS-A 20mm Female (air cushion)
536293 ADN-40-25-A-P-A   25mm Male
572676  ADN-40-25-A-PPS-A 25mm Male (air cushion)
536303  ADN-40-25-I-P-A  25mm Female
572667  ADN-40-25-I-PPS-A 25mm Female (air cushion)
536294  ADN-40-30-A-P-A  30mm Male
572677  ADN-40-30-A-PPS-A 30mm Male (air cushion)
536304  ADN-40-30-I-P-A    30mm Female
572668  ADN-40-30-I-PPS-A 30mm Female (air cushion)
536295  ADN-40-40-A-P-A 40mm Male
572678  ADN-40-40-A-PPS-A 40mm Male (air cushion)
536305  ADN-40-40-I-P-A  40mm Female
572669  ADN-40-40-I-PPS-A 40mm Female (air cushion)
536296  ADN-40-50-A-P-A  50mm Male
572679  ADN-40-50-A-PPS-A 50mm Male (air cushion)
536306  ADN-40-50-I-P-A 50mm Female
572670  ADN-40-50-I-PPS-A 50mm Female (air cushion)
536297  ADN-40-60-A-P-A 60mm Male
572680  ADN-40-60-A-PPS-A   60mm Male (air cushion)
536307  ADN-40-60-I-P-A 60mm Female
572671  ADN-40-60-I-PPS-A 60mm Female (air cushion)
536298  ADN-40-80-A-P-A 80mm Male
572681  ADN-40-80-A-PPS-A 80mm Male (air cushion)
536308  ADN-40-80-I-P-A   80mm Female
572672   ADN-40-80-I-PPS-A 80mm Female (air cushion)


Please note: all non-standard stroke cylinders, are non-refundable, for more information, please review our refund policy and if you have any questions, please contact us!