Festo 80mm DSBC Cylinder

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Festo 80mm DSBC Cylinder ISO 15552

  • Standards-based cylinders to ISO15552 (corresponds to the withdrawn standards ISO 6431, DIN ISO 6431, VDMA24562, NFE49003.1 and UNI 10290)
  • Double-acting
  • For contactless position sensing
  • Optionally with protection against rotation
  • EX4: for use in potentially explosive areas
  • Extensive range of accessories makes it possible to install the cylinder virtually anywhere
  • Three types of cushioning available: – Elastic cushioning: elastic cushioning rings/plates at both ends – PPS cushioning: pneumatic cushioning, self-adjusting at both ends – PPV cushioning: pneumatic cushioning, adjustable at both ends
  • The variants can be configured according to individual needs using a modular product system
  • Wide range of variants provides high level of flexibility

Extend force at 6 bar  =  3016N

Retract force at 6 bar  = 2721N

  • Working pressure :        0.4 to 12 bar
  • Working temperature:  -20 to + 80 deg C


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