Ace Gas Spring - 28mm Diameter

SKU: GS-28-200-AA-V-1800N


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Ace Controls 28mm Diameter Gas Spring


Ace Industrial Gas Spring – Push Type springs offer perfect support with forces ranging from 10N to 13,000 N with body diameters ranging from 8mm to 70mm. The ACE gas springs are a durable and sealed systems ready for installation. They come maintenance free and prefilled with pressurised nitrogen gas.

These gas springs have a range of application areas including control boxes, conveyor systems, machinery housing, vehicle technology and folding elements. Along with being suitable in both the furniture industry and to be used in hoods, shutters and on assembly stations. If you would like to know more about these gas springs or to speak through an application that you have contact our technical team today.

Each gas spring comes supplied at max extension force. If gas needs to be released you will need to purchase the DE-GAS Tool below.

Straight Pin End Fittings (AA) and Ball Joint End Fittings (CC)

Types  Stroke (mm) L extended (mm) Extension force max. N
GS-28-100* 100 262 2500
GS-28-150* 150 362 2500
GS-28-200 200 462 2500
GS-28-250 250 562 2500
GS-28-300 300 662 2500
GS-28-350* 350 762 2500
GS-28-400 400 862 2400
GS-28-450* 450 962 1950
GS-28-500 500 1062 1600
GS-28-550* 550 1162 2500
GS-28-600 600 1262 2500

* stroke lengths on request