Ace GSG Gate Gas Springs

SKU: GSG-22-250-CC-V-800N


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ACE GSG Gate Gas Springs

This specially engineered gas spring serves as a crucial safety feature. The Ace GSG gate gas springs ensure a steady, controlled opening and closing of entrance gates in various settings, such as schools, sports facilities, and homes. Combined with an electromagnetic security lock and CCTV, these springs allow users to achieve a high level of security.

The special gas spring also steadies the gate when opening and closing in strong winds, although it always automatically closes slowly to allow plenty of time for people to pass through. The gate type gas springs are self-contained; environmentally friendly and maintenance free for tens of thousands of automated gate operations.

The gas springs are supplied with a choice of 300 N, 400 N, 500 N, 800 N closing forces. However, each standard gas spring has a gas pressure valve hidden in the stud of the body end fitting. This can be carefully vented by threading on the adjuster knob tool to allow small amounts of the nitrogen gas to be vented to suit each particular gate.


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