Adjustable Male Stud Coupling - Heavy Series - WD Seals



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Adjustable Male Stud Coupling - Heavy Series - WD Seals 

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Adjustable Male Stud Coupling BSP Parallel to Metric Heavy series tubing, comes with taper and O-ring to suit DIN 3865. Captive seal is made from NBR as standard. 

Gates EMB Hydraulic Tube fittings are high grade hydraulic fittings with an optimised cost-benefit ratio and enhanced durability.

Each fitting is made with NanoProtect™ innovative surface protection is the result of intensive research & development in electroplating technology and extensive tests in laboratories as well as in the field. The optimised passivation method results in a new, superior type of corrosion resistance against white and red rust that protects against damage during handling and assembly as well.