AirTac 3A200 Pneumatic Air Pilot Valve

SKU: 3A 210 06 NC G


 AirTac 3A200 & 4A200 Pneumatic Air Pilot Valve

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Datasheet for AirTac 3A200 Pneumatic Air Pilot Valve 

The Airtac 3A200 valve series, is a functional replacement for the SMC VZA4_2 series. 


Product Features 

  1. Structure in sliding column mode: good tightness and sensitive reaction.
  2. Double air control valves have memory function.
  3. Internal hole adopts special processing technology which has little attrition friction, low start pressure and long service life.
  4. No need to add oil for lubrication.
  5. Multi-mounting helps to install and apply.
  6. Integrate with the manifold to save installation space.