AirTac GAFC Filter Regulator Lubricator

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AirTac GAFC Filter Regulator Lubricator

Datasheet for GAFC Series Regulator Lubricator

The Airtac GAFC200-600 air prep series is a functional replacement for the SMC AC20A-40A series.
  1. Quick and reliable mounting clamps makes it convenient to install and use.
  2. The performance of pressure adjustment is reliable with high precision.
  3. The efficiency of eliminating moisture and solid grain is high.
  4. Two drain types are available: semi-auto drain and automatic drain.
  5. Three material of bowl are available: PC, Nylon and metal.
  • 1/4" FRL/Gauge/bracket - Auto drain {GAFC 200 08-AS}
  • 1/2" FRL/Gauge/bracket - Auto drain {GAFC 400 15-AS}