AirTac GAR/SDR Pressure Regulator

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AirTac GAR/SDR Pressure Regulator
The AirTac GAR200-600 air prep series is a functional replacement for the SMC AR20-40 series.

1. Circular square pressure gauge which with clip and magnifier is used to save installation space.
2. The pressed-in self-locking mechanism can prevent the abnormal movement of the set pressure caused by external interfere.
3. Balanced design is adopted for the pressure adjustment mechanism.
4. In addition to panel installation, the bracket is optional for installation.
  • 1/8" Regulator /Gauge /Bracket GAR Series {GAR 200 06-G}
  • 1/4" Regulator /Gauge /Bracket GAR Series {GAR 200 08-G}
  • 1/8" Regulator /Gauge /Bracket SDR Series {SDR 100-06-3}
  • 1/4" Regulator /Gauge /Bracket SDR Series {SDR 200-08-3}