AirTac Pneumatic Pressure Gauges & Switches

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AirTac Pneumatic Pressure Gauges & Switches
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Product Feature
  • Large Measuring range.
  • Single button to finish learning setting.
  •  Close and open can be exchanged.
  • Easy to install.

Pressure Gauge 

Product Feature 

  • Sensitive reaction and can work under low pressure.
  • The displayed words in the dial are clear and there are several pressure units.
  • There are Several installation ways and installing accessories to be added. 
  • Various dimensions of screw thread are available. 


Listed Part Numbers:

  • 40mm 4 Bar Gauge 1/8" {F-GS 4004 B}
  • 40mm 10 Bar Gauge 1/4" {F-GS 4010 B}
  • 50mm 4 Bar Gauge 1/8" {F-GS 5004 B}
  • 50mm 10 Bar Gauge 1/4" {F-GS 5010 B}
  • 4mm Push In Pressure Switch {DPC-10-050-D4}
  • 6mm Push In Pressure Switch {DPC-10-050-D6}