AirTac ISO Roundline Pneumatic Cylinder

AirTac ISO Roundline Pneumatic Cylinder

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Product Features
  • In accordance with ISO6432 standards.
  • Front and back cover owns fixed bumper pad which can reduce the impact of direction change of the cylinder.
  • There are several modes of back cover, this makes installation of the cylinder more convenient.
  • Front and back cover and stainless steel block adopt riveted rolling packed structure to form a reliable connection. 
  • Piston rod and cylinder body with the material of stainless steel make the cylinder adapt general working environment with corrosivity. 
  • There are cylinders and accessories with several specifications for installation of your choice. 


Listed Part Numbers:

  • 16mm bore, 25mm Stroke {MI 16 X 25S CA} 
  • 16mm Bore, 50mm Stroke {MI 16 X 50S CA}
  • 16mm Bore, 80mm Stroke {MI 16 X 80S CA}
  • 20mm Bore, 25mm Stroke {MI 20 X 25S CA}
  • 20mm Bore, 40mm Stroke {MI 20 X 40S CA}
  • 20mm Bore, 50mm Stroke {MI 20 X 50S CA}
  • 20mm Bore, 80mm Stroke {MI 20 X 80S CA}
  • 20mm Bore, 100mm Stroke {MI 20 X 100S CA}
  • 25mm Bore, 25mm Stroke {MI 25 X 25S CA}
  • 25mm Bore, 40mm Stroke {MI 25 X 40S CA}
  • 25mm Bore, 80mm Stroke {MI 25 X 80S CA}
  • 25mm Bore, 100mm Stroke {MI 25 X 100S CA}
  • 25mm Bore, 125mm Stroke {MI 25 X 125S CA}