AirTac Polyurethane Tube

AirTac Polyurethane Tube

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Polyurethane Tube
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Product Features
  • Plastic polyurethane material conforms to the ROHS environment protection requirements.
  • High elasticity: small bend radius enables PU tubing to pass through tight spaces.
  • Anti-knot 
  • Excellent flexibility that can bare repeated expansion.
  • Anti-abrasion with long lasting life span.
  • Low permeability of gas: reliefs the problems of leakage and pollution.
  • Good anti-solubility
  • Low compression resistance to chemicals, water, fuel, oil and bacterium. 


 Listed Part Numbers:

  • PU Hose 4 X 2.5 BLACK {US98A040025100MBK}
  • PU Hose 4 X 2.5 BLUE {US98A040025100MBU}
  • PU Hose 6 X 4 BLACK {US98A060040100MBK}
  • PU Hose 6 X 4 BLUE {US98A060040100MBU}
  • PU Hose 8 X 5 BLACK {US98A080050100MBK}
  • PU Hose 8 X 5 BLUE {US98A080050100MBU}
  • PU Hose 12 X 8 BLUE {US98A120080100MBU}
  • PU Hose 16 X 12 BLUE {US98A160110100MBU}
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