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Brand Hydraulics EFC Electrical Priority Flow Control Valve

Brand Hydraulics
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Brand Hydraulics Electrical Priority Flow Control Valve - EFC

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Product Details 

The Brand Hydraulics, electronically adjustable proportional pressure compensated flow control is an electronically controlled version of the original FC51 style flow control valve.
The EFC performance as a flow control is very similar to the FC51 because they both use the same spring and compensator spool.
Thus, the control flow port (CF) and the excess flow port (EX) remain usable and pressure compensated.
The main advantage of the EFC over the FC51 is that the flow can be adjusted proportionally with a solenoid instead of manually.
As the current to the solenoid increases the variable orifice moves proportionally similar to positioning the rotary side lever on the manual FC’s.
The solenoid is connected to our EC – series controls which can be sold with the EFC.
We also give the choice of a dashpot size, which allows the customer to select a valve that responds to the control box at different rates. Other options are 2-port, free reverse flow and high lift ball spring relief.

Technical Specifications

  • 3000 psi (207 bar) rating
  • Weighs 8-1/2 lbs. (3.9 kg)
  • Standard Port size #12SAE (1-1/16 – 12)
  • 10-Micron Filtration Recommended
  • Pulse Frequency (90 to 115 hz) Coil
  • 12 VDC standard (24 VDC)
  • 9.6 ohms (48 ohms)
  • 15 watts (15 watts)
  • 1.0 amp max (0.5 amp max)


  • Ductile Cast Iron Body
  • Heat Treated Steel Spool
  • Buna N O’Ring
  • Heat Treated Free Reverse Check Seat

Listed Part Numbers:

  • EFC-12-15-12 - 57 lpm 12vDC, 1 1/16" SAE Threads
  • EFC-12-20-12 - 76 lpm 12vDC, 1 1/16" SAE Threads
  • EFC-12-30-12 - 114 lpm 12vDC, 1 1/16" SAE Threads