Brand Hydraulics Electronic Control Box for EFC valves

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Brand Hydraulics Electronic Control Box for EFC Valves

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Proportionally control the speed and direction of hydraulic motors and cylinders. This low-cost unit can be configured in multiple ways to cover many applications. 


  • Rugged aluminium box construction.
  • Heavy-duty foot brackets for quick and secure mounting.
  • Colour keyed SAE automotive grade wire leads for easy wiring and identification.
  • Different potentiometers, power switches, LEDs and connector configurations.
  • Single Pulse width modulated (PWM) output.
  • Weatherproof seals on power switch, potentiometer, fuse holder, wire bushing and box lid.
  • Externally mounted fuse holder for quick and easy fuse change to protect against over current conditions.
  • Input protection from voltage transients, load dumps, 2-battery jumps and reverse polarity hook-ups.
  • Power switches are separate from main control knob for turning valve on and off without loss of flow setting.
  • Circuit board is coated with a conformal coating to protect against moisture.