Brand Hydraulics Manual Priority Flow Control Valve FC55 (Reversible)

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Brand Hydraulics FC55 Manual Priority Flow Control Valve 

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61-114 lpm

General Information 

The Brand, full range pressure compensating variable flow control is designed so that the orifice area varies as the lever is rotated. Fluid travels past the variable orifice, through the compensator spool and then out the controlled flow port. Therefore the flow out of the CF port is proportional to the orifice area which can vary from closed to open.

The sum of the controlled flow and the excess flow equals the inlet flow and as the controlled flow increases the excess flow decreases. Both outlet flows are pressure compensated with a spool that maintains a constant flow by adjusting for pressure. Hunting between the compensated pump and our valve is dampened with a dashpot on the compensator spool.

Thus, the outlet flow is smooth and constant regardless of the pressure on the CF and EX port. External seals on the rotary spool prevent contamination from getting between the spool and the casting, thus preventing the spool from locking in one position. All FC’s are built with stainless steel (416) rotary spools to help prevent the rotary spools from locking up when they are in a corrosive environment. We also offer the FC with outlet ports coming from the top of the casting.


  • See flow chart for capacity.
  • Rated for 3000psi (207 bar).
  • weighs 7-3/4 lbs (3.52 kg).
  • 30-Micrron Filtration Recommended.
  • Torque to turn side lever spool. -35in*lbs with 3000 psi (207 bar) on EX Port.


  • Cast Iron Body.
  • Heat Treated Compensator Spool. 
  • Stainless streel Rotary Spool.
  • Buna N O'Rings (Standard).
  • Heat Treated Free Reverse Check Seat.