Osmo Flood Barrier

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Osmo Flood Barrier 

Osmo Flood Barrier is a water activated flood control product for your garage. Using super absorbent technology, the barrier absorbs water and binds together to create flood protection sock. The flood barrier absorbs water on contact, making it quick to deploy, and the ideal sand bag equivalent.

The barrier is lightweight, soft and easy to store, and only activates when coming in connection with water. This means you can keep in an accessible place, and any person can deploy in an emergency. As the Osmo Flood Barrier comes in a continuous sock like shape, it saves the need to stack sand bags or sand bag equivalent. Simply roll out in front of your garage, and the water will absorb and activate the barrier. The continuous sock provides less weak points in the flood barrier, saving time when deploying protection and allowing for better protection than sand bags.

Sandbags are very heavy, they can be restrictive over who can deploy and they can take a long time to deploy. The alternative is the Osmo Flood Barrier as it is lightweight and only becomes solid upon impact on water. This makes the Osmo Flood Barrier much safer to install and protect doors in a flood situation.

The barrier can be deployed in front of commercial and residential garage doors. We recommend curving the barrier around the door to create a protective ring in front of the garage door. The continuous nature of the flood sock makes this possible.

Flood Barrier Suitable for:

  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • Garages
  • Driveways
  • Loading bays
  • Shops