Osmo Flood Barrier

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Osmo Flood Barrier 

The Osmo Flood Barriers are an innovative, super-absorbent, disposable flood protection option. It is designed to be easy to store and roll out in an emergency, the barriers inflate rapidly on contact with water. Once inflated the barriers form a resilient, leak proof, watertight protective barrier. The barriers are manufactured from a minimum of 50% reclaimed material and are non-toxic and non-hazardous. 

    The barrier is lightweight, soft and easy to store, and only activates when coming in connection with water. This means you can keep in an accessible place, and any person can deploy in an emergency. As the Osmo Flood Barrier comes in a continuous sock like shape, it saves the need to stack sandbags or sandbag equivalent. Simply roll out in front of your garage, and the water will absorb and activate the barrier. The continuous sock provides less weak points in the flood barrier, saving time when deploying protection and allowing for better protection than sandbags.

    The barrier can be deployed in front of commercial and personal property. We recommend curving the barrier around the door(s) to create a protective ring. The continuous nature of the flood sock makes this possible.

    The barriers can be stacked for added height or curved around obstacles.


    • Doorways
    • Garages
    • Driveways
    • Footpaths
    • Gates
    • Loading bays
    • Shops
    • To divert any flood water away from personal or commercial property