Fosse Liquitrol Spill Kit

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Fosse Liquitrol Spill Kit
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We have spill kits and bin available ranging from 15-240 ltrs to suit all your maintenance needs.
If you are unsure which would be most suitable for you, please contact our sales team today.




  • 15 litre Oil and Fuel Spill Kit {SK-100-201}
  • 50 litre Oil & Fuel Spill Kit Shoulder Bag {SK-100-204}
  • 90 litre Oil & Fuel Static Bin {SK-201-201}
  • 80 litre Oil & Fuel Wheeled Bin {SK-142-201}
  • 120 litre Oil & Fuel Wheeled Bin {SK-142-202}
  • 240 litre Maintenance Wheeled Bin {SK-142-103}