Gates PRO Series 1/2" 275 Bar Hose Assembly with 1/2" BSP Straight Female E/E

SKU: WEB001-HA001-1/2-500MM


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Gates 1/2" 275 Bar Hose Assemblies with 1/2" Female Straights E/E

Hose Assembly made using 275 Bar / 4000 PSI 1/2" PROV Gates hose. 

Each end is a Gates Megacrimp (G coupling) 1/2" BSP Female hose end. 

The Gates 1/2'' 275 Bar Hose Assembly with 1/2'' BSP Straight Female E/E is the ideal choice for compact, variable pressure applications. Offering superior flexibility and an abrasion-resistant cover, this durable product guarantees leak-proof connections. With its reliable barrier against moisture, it's ideal for extended bypass and drain lines.

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