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Hydac Suction Strainers

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Hydac Suction Strainers 

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Hydac Suction Strainer Data Sheet

Technical Specifications 

 FILTER HOUSING Construction The filter housings are designed in accordance with international regulations. The SF filters consist of a filter housing and a bolt-on cover plate. The SFM and SFF filters consist of a filter head with filter bowl and bolt-on cover plate (on the SFF there is a foot valve in the base of the filter bowl). The suction filter elements S are designed to be screwed into the suction lines of pumps.

      Standard equipment:

  • bypass valve
  • connection for a clogging indicator


    Part Numbers:

  • 1/2" BSP Female, 104mm long, 44mm diam {0015 S 125W - 1251189}
  • 3/4" BSP Female, 127mm long, 63mm diam {0025 S 125W - 1251190}
  • 1" BSP Female, 159mm long, 63mm diam {0050 S 125W - 1251191}
  • 1 1/2" BSP Female, 210mm long, 86mm diam {0100 S 125W - 1251192}
  • 2" BSP Female, 311mm long, 86.5mm diam {0180 S 125W - 1251193}