IDEM Viper Safety Relay

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The IDEM VIPER SCR-31-i is a safety monitoring relay with added diagnostics has been designed to meet the latest safety standards through offering added LED diagnostics and simplified wiring. 

Applications for IDEM SCR-31's include monitoring of safety interlock switches (guard door monitoring), emergency stop devices and sensors.

Below we offer two options - SCR-31-i & SCR-31P-i 

If you are looking to use your safety monitoring relay with devices:
The SCR-31P-i is designed to be compatible with devices offering OSSD/PNP outputs (e.g. safety light curtains, “Z” range switches from IDEM).


The SCR-31-i internal logic uses force guided relays to achieve cross monitoring, this ensures that a single fault does not lead to the loss of the safety function and that all faults are detected at or before the next safety demand.

*Note: For items using PNP inputs such as safety light curtains and safety mats please choose SCR-31P-i model.


  • Outputs 3NC contacts and 1NO contact.
  • Feedback circuit to monitor external contacts.
  • Easy diagnosis of status via visual indication of LEDs.
  • Up to PLe, SIL 3, Category 4.
  • Monitored manual or automatic start.
  • Single and dual channel operation.
  • Output expansion units available to increase number of outputs.