Norgren 1/2" BSP Excelon BL74 74 Series Box Set

SKU: BL74-401G


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Norgren 1/2" BSP Excelon BL74 74 Series Box Set


The Norgren BL74 Series is a combination ‘box set’, otherwise known as an FRL. It consists of a filter regulator and lubricator unit, pre-assembled and ready to install. A Pressure Gauge and Wall Mounting Brackets are also supplied, and a 3/2-Way Shut Off Valve is available depending on the model. A range of filtration levels is available, and the unit comes either with a manual or automatic drain.


  • True modularity with Norgren Quikclamp connections
  • Quick release bayonet bowl
  • Lubricator flow sensor provides a nearly constant oil/air ratio over a wide range of air flows
  • All around (360°) visibility of the lubricator sight-feed some simplifies installation and adjustment
  • Regulator balanced valve minimizes effect of variation in the inlet pressure on the outlet press