IMI Norgren Excelon Plus 84 Series

IMI Norgren
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IMI Norgren Excelon Plus 84 Series

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Product Details

IMI Norgren’s Excelon Plus range is the latest generation in air preparation equipment. It has been developed to meet the needs of today’s customer.

Excelon plus is has been designed with new safety and functionality features, is more compact and lightweight in design without compromise on robustness. Are you in factory automation, steel production or maybe you’re in the rail industry or petrochemical field? Excelon Plus is for you! 


Excelon Plus 84 Series includes:

1/2” Filters, Regulators, Lubricators, Filter-Regulators, Combination Units and Valve Options. 


Features and Benefits

  • Padlock feature on filter-regulator, regulator and shut-off valves
  • Rotating safety shut off valve makes it easy to isolate the system with no reduction in performance
  • Double safety bowl lock, with an audible bowl clip
  • Quikclamp system locking Excelon plus modules together
  • 1/2“ body size (84 series)
  • IO-Link connectivity (IEPS)
  • TR series available for harsher environments and extended temperatures including rail – contact us for more details


Listed Part Numbers:

  • B84-4AK-AP3-RMG - Filter Regulator 1/2" Auto drain with gauge
  • B84G-4AK-AP3-RMN - Filter Regulator 1/2" Auto drain without gauge
  • B84G-4AK-QP3-RMG - Filter Regulator 1/2" Manual drain with gauge
  • B84G-4AK-QP3-RMN - Filter Regulator 1/2" Manual without gauge
  • R84G-4GK-RMG - Regulator 1/2" with gauge
  • R84G-4GK-RMN - Regulator 1/2" without gauge
  • L84M-4GP-EPN - Lubricator 1/2"
  • F84G-4GN-AP3 - Filter 1/2" Auto drain
  • F84G-4GN-QP3 - Filter 1/2" Manual drain
  • T84T-4GA-B1N - Manual Dump Valve 1/2"