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Ronzio Group 1 Aluminium Gear Pump

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Group 1 

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Ronzio Group 1 Aluminium Gear Pump - Datasheet

  •  Cast iron and alloy covers
  • High pressure option: up to 300 bar max. continuous pressure ( 4350 psi )
  • Axial compensation achieved using pressure balanced bushing blocks.
  • High volumetric efficiency: average 95%
  • Wide range of capacities
  • Extruded aluminium body
  • Gear tooth profile accurately projected providing low noise operation.
  • A wide variety of shafts, flanges and ports are available to meet specific application requirements.
  • High-temperature seals available.
  • Single rotational pumps and motors.
  • Bi-rotational pumps and motors.
  • Multiple pumps availability: tandem pumps are possible both in aluminium series and with other cast iron series produced by Ronzio Oleodinamica.


Listed Part Number:

1.1cc {01ZA011C401TD}

1.6cc {01ZA016C401TD}

2.1cc {01ZA021C401TD}

2.6cc {01ZA026C401TD}

3.2cc {01ZA032C401TD}

3.7cc {01ZA037C401TD}

4.2cc {01ZA042C401TD}

4.8cc {01ZA048C401TD}

5.5cc {01ZA055C401TD}

7.8cc {01ZA078C401TD}