Yellow Service Plug Mix Box (Yelloc Alternative)


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Yellow Service Plug Mix Box

Service plugs are used to avoid unwanted spillages of oils and chemicals during maintenance and repairs of hoses and rigid pipes. Service plugs are a handy tool for emergency leaks as one plug covers many sizes. 

These plugs can also be used to prevent dust, contaminants, and corrosion when cleaning or painting machinery or other sophisticated equipment. 


  • High quality oil resistant rubber.
  • Strong and reusable!
  • Protects the environment.


Size: Sealing Range/Size: Quantity:
Small -4 thru -6  4
Medium -8 thru -16  4
Large -16 thru -24 2
Plastic box (black, clear lid) 22cm x 15cm x 5.5cm 1

*Please note: this kit is assembled on site. Please contact us for stock level/allow 1-2 days for despatch. For urgent orders, please contact us.