ACE Industrial shock absorbers, gas springs and vibration technology.

ACE Industrial shock absorbers, gas springs and vibration technology.

Gary May

Parker Hydraulics are a Proud distributor of ACE Industrial shock absorbers, gas springs and vibration technology.

 GS-8 to GS-70 Industrial Gas Springs (Push Type).

 Anyone who wants to lift or lower loads with control and without excessive strength relies on the industrial gas push type springs from ACE. These maintenance-free, ready to install machine elements support sheer muscle power and reliably open and hold. 

Available with body diameters of 8 to 70 mm and forces from 10 13,000N, ACE gas push type springs are characterised by a huge variety and maximum service life. 

ACE industrial gas push type springs are used in industrial applications, mechanical engineering and medical technology as well as in the electronics, automobile and furniture industries.  

MC5 to MC75 Miniature Shock Absorbers.

Ideal for compact, efficient designs.

The outer body of each damper, produced from one solid piece, are filled with temperature stable oil, offer a continuous thread include a supplied locking nut and also have an integrated positive stop. A comprehensive range of energy absorption with a wide range of effective weight potential are a further benefits in these miniature units. 

miniature shock absorbers are perfectly suited to use in applications such as mechanical engineering, medical and electro-technology and robotics. 

MC150-V4A to MC600-V4A stainless steel range can also be used in shipbuilding, packaging and chemicals industry and in the food processing. 


MC33 to MC64 Industrial Shock Absorbers. 

With a combination of the latest sealing technology, annealed guide bearing and integrated positive stop make these self-compensating shock absorbers from ACE'S MAGNIUM range. Users benefits from longer service life  of the products, even in the most difficult environments. 

High energy absorption in a compact design and a wide damping range lead to huge advantages in practice. Alongside generally more compact designs, these small yet very powerful absorbers enable full use of the machine's performance.

Industrial shock absorbers are used in all areas of mechanical engineering - especially in automation and for gantries.