Official Festo Distributor

Official Festo Distributor

Anthony Fountain


Official Festo Distributor – Parker Hydraulics


Parker Hydraulics and Pneumatics Ltd have a long-standing and proud relationship with Festo and as one of their largest UK distributors, we are able to source a wide range of genuine Festo products quickly and competitively.

We stock a large range of the Festo ‘Blue Star ‘core products including

  • Compressed air preparation
  • Polyurethane tubing – PUN-H and Quick star (QS) push in fittings
  • ISO Round line and profile cylinders
  • Pneumatic valves, inline, sub base and terminals
  • Sensors and accessories

all of which are available on our web shop and over the trade counter. We have a vast stock offering and can offer a same day despatch service throughout the United Kingdom.

Compressed Air.

The MS Series has a large product range, highly functional components and a wide choice of services, the MS series from Festo offers a complete concept for compressed air preparation. For simple standard applications as well as application-specific solutions with the highest quality requirements. The option to mix sizes for maximum energy efficiency is included as standard.


Polyurethane Tubing – PUN-H and Quickstar (QS) Push In Fittings

PUN-H is the go-to-tube for a wide variety of applications including the exposure to wet environments, humidity and even outside thanks to its corrosion resistant properties. Combined with its high kink resistance, it is the ideal choice when selecting tubing for uninterrupted and reliable air supply. Thanks to its high-quality base material, it is suitable for use both in the food industry and outdoors. Both transparent and non-transparent colours are available.

Areas of applications

  • General pneumatic automation
  • Used in the food zone
  • Environments with high moisture levels, weather resistant and resistance to UV radiation (black colour)

The combination of PUN-H tubing and QS push-in fittings, combined for optimal, sustained trouble-free operation of your system – simply with Festo plug and work® for quick assembly. With more than 1000 types and variants available ranges include:



ISO Round Line and Profile Cylinders

Festo offers a wide variety of pneumatic actuators to fit your application needs. Powerful and extremely compact, whether for linear or rotary applications.

  • Self-adjusting, clean and safe: with pneumatic end-position cushioning PPS
  • Cylinders with piston rods as compact cylinders, guided drives, standard cylinders, mini slides, semi-rotary drives, short strokes, round cylinders
  • Compact semi-rotary drives with minimum space requirements and adjustable swivel angle, wide range of variants for many applications

Festo Pneumatic Cylinders that are available on the core product range are

Semi-rotary Drive DRRS & DRVS


Pneumatic Valves

Festo offer a range of control valves, proportional valves, safety valves, standards-based valves, fast-switching valves, media valves and process valves, actuated either electrically, pneumatically, mechanically or manually. These valves are used in all industry segments, from the food and packaging industry to the automotive and electronics industries, and from the wood and textile industry to process automation.

Pneumatic Valves available from the core product range are

  • VUVG - Get more power from a smaller design
  • VUVS - The sturdy valve for harsh environments
  • VSNC & VSVA – Standard based directional control valves


Sensors and Accessories

Festo ISO standard cylinders are complemented by one of the largest ranges of accessories on the market including,

As an official Festo Partner, we are able to source and supply both individual and bulk quantities of all products within the range.